WinnRewards Hotel Loyalty Program

Terms and conditions

1. Definitions and scope of application

1.1 The following definitions shall be used in these terms and conditions:

  • WinnRewards: the private company with limited liability under the laws of the Netherlands: B.V., trading under the name: “WinnRewards”, with its registered office in Amsterdam, the Netherlands;’
  • The Hotel: the hotels operated by: Accommodation that is registered as hotel in the local business.
  • The Services: the Services that are provided by WinnRewards through the WinnRewards loyalty program;
  • the Program: the WinnRewards loyalty program, which program is created to enable its members to benefit from several advantages at the Hotel or at Partners;
  • the Member or Members: the person that accepts the Services of WinnRewards by signing in for the Program;
  • the Website: the website of WinnRewards:;
  • the Partner: the third party company that offers WinnRewards points to Members or accepts hotel reservations with WinnRewards reward points redemption;
  • SE-points: Self Earning Points that are generated by the Members own spending;
  • Honor Points: Points that are awarded by WinnRewards in appreciation to its Members;
  • Eligible Expenses: accommodation expenses for personal use in the Hotel by a Member, and paid by a Member, expenses concerning accommodation-related services at the Hotel taken and paid by the Member, all other expenses made by the Member in possible other participating organizations than the Hotel.

1.2 These terms and conditions apply to the Program and related services hereto. WinnRewards can modify these terms if necessary. The changed version of these terms will be applicable from the moment the (changed) terms are publicized on the Website. If a Member does not accept the changed terms of use, he/she has to notify WinnRewards in writing within one week after publication of the changed terms of use.

Terms and conditions of Members are never applicable on the Program or related services hereto.

2. The WinnRewards account

2.1 The Member creates a WinnRewards account by registering him/herself on the Website or at the service desk at the Hotel. The membership is free of costs and each Member can only use one (1) account.

2.2 By creating a WinnRewards account the Member accepts the applicability of these terms and conditions.

2.3 The Member is obliged to enter only valid, accurate and true information into his/her WinnRewards account.

2.4 All information provided by the Member will be handled by WinnRewards with the outmost care, in accordance with the Privacy Policy of WinnRewards.

2.5 The Member declares by creating a WinnRewards account that he/she is legally competent and/or allowed to create a WinnRewards account. Member (under 18 years old) cannot participate in the program.

2.6 An email account is essential for the membership of the Program. Two Members cannot have the same email account. Invalid or wrong email addresses will be counted as lost account.

2.7 After creating a WinnRewards account the Member receives an email with access to his/her WinnRewards membership and nominative card. The nominative card is strictly personal; it cannot be sold, lent, transferred to third parties. Each card shows the member name, individual membership number and the membership level.

2.8 After creating a WinnRewards account WinnRewards is obliged to send the Members newsletters and other information regarding the WinnRewards account. The Member can unsubscribe itself for newsletters by sending an email to:[email protected]

2.9 The Member is responsible for maintaining the secrecy of his/her account information, including username, password and nominative card number. In the event of misuse or suspected misuse of his/her account, the Member must immediately notify WinnRewards. The member is responsible for all activity on his/her account.

2.10 The Member is not entitled to permit any third party to use and benefit from the Services and/or the Program.

2.11 The Member is not entitled to transfer his/her rights under the Program to a third party. The Member is not entitled to perform any actions that would interfere with the proper working of the Services and the Program.

3. The Services

3.1 After creating a WinnRewards Account, the Member can log in at the Website and can benefit from all the services of the Program.

3.2 Within the Program the Member can earn SE Points by paying for services/a stay at the Hotel and active Members can be awarded with Honor Points, at the sole discretion of WinnRewards.

3.3 The Program offers 4 memberships according to the number of WinnRewards points accumulated by Members:

  • Classic: 0 – 2.499 SE Points
  • Silver: 2.500- 9.999 SE Points
  • Gold: 10.000- 24.999 SE Points
  • Platinum: 25.000 SE Points

The membership status will only change to an upper level and will never expire or demote.

3.4 SE Points can be earned on the following basis:

3.5 Hotel reservations / bookings only made through the direct channel are eligible in earning WinnRewards points. The direct channel includes; reservation through

  • official website of participating hotel,
  • email,
  • telephone
  • walk-in reservation at the service desk of the hotel.
  • -website of WinnRewards
  • A member must use the direct channel to be eligible to earn points. Hotel reservations made through any other channel or medium than above mentioned channels are not eligible to earn points.

3.6 The following expenses are not eligible for earning SE Points:

  • Extras or advantages (even if they are paid for at the Hotel as part of the non-eligible stay);
  • Taxes (VAT and others), tips, taxi fares, transfers to or from the Hotel, service costs/service charge, and any other applicable costs.

3.7 WinnRewards will send a periodic WinnRewards point balance to its Member. If a Member is not properly credited for WinnRewards SE points within 14 days of an eligible WinnRewards transaction, the Member has to claim an adjustment within 180 days of the transaction by sending an email to:[email protected] The email must include an attached copy of the participating hotel bill in question. WinnRewards will judge the claim within 14 days after receiving an email, at its sole discretion.

3.8 The SE or Honor Points can be used by the Member to benefit from advantages of the Hotel or of Partners through the Program.

3.9 WinnRewards is never liable for losses as a result of the use of the Services, excluding losses that are a result of gross negligence of WinnRewards.

3.10 WinnRewards is never liable for losses as a result of earning or spending WinnRewards points at the Hotel or at the Partner and the use of services of a Hotel or a Partner.

3.11 The SE or Honor Points cannot be transferred to third parties.

3.12 The SE or Honor Points have no monetary value, are not redeemable for cash and no money will be paid by WinnRewards for lost or unused WinnRewards points.

3.13 SE points and Honor points are never expired.

3.14 Only a full number of points can be credited. If the points conversion rate applied results in adecimal number of points, the number of WinnRewards points credited will be the whole number immediately below if the decimal is less than 5, and the whole number immediately above if the decimal is equal to or higher than 5.

3.15 The Member cannot use advantages and point from other loyalty programs together with the use of SE or Honor Points.

3.16 If a Partner withdraws its partnership, it is no longer possible for Members to benefit from the services of the Partner or to use reward points at this Partner.

3.17 WinnRewards is never liable for claims as a result of outages or unavailability of the server. WinnRewards has the objective for hundred percent (100%) server up-time, but cannot guarantee this.

3.18 WinnRewards reserves the right to perform maintenance or changes to the Program, the Services and/or Website. This may result in periods during which the Program, the Services and/or Website may be temporarily unavailable. WinnRewards will announce such interruptions in advance, if possible. WinnRewards is never liable for claims as a result of unavailability of the Program, the Services or the Website.

3.19 WinnRewards is committed to the high standard of data security and precision. However, WinnRewards is never liable for any loss or damages that a Member may incur as a result of malfunctions, errors, security breaches or any other reason.

4. Force majeure

WinnRewards is never liable for losses or damages resulting from suspension of/ defects in the Program or Services as a result of extraordinary events or circumstances beyond the control of WinnRewards (a “force majeure event”).

5. Termination WinnRewards account and Program

5.1 WinnRewards can end the WinnRewards account at any moment in compliance of a notice period of one week. The Member can end his/her WinnRewards account immediately by signing out at the Website (‘submit withdraw membership form’).

5.2 WinnRewards can block or end a WinnRewards account immediately on suspicion of misuse, if the Member has multiple accounts, if the Member has engaged in fraud or abuse concerning WinnRewards points or membership privileges and benefits, or if the Member does not comply with the provisions in these terms of use, with applicable law and/or regulations. WinnRewards will notify the Member of its decision immediately. If WinnRewards ends the WinnRewards account for one of these reasons, the Member cannot reapply for membership.

5.3 After termination of the WinnRewards account, the WinnRewards points will be forfeited. WinnRewards is never liable for claims as a result of deleting all the data of the Member after termination of the WinnRewards Account.

5.4 WinnRewards has the right to take every necessary legal action if the Member has misused/abused the Program and/or has conducted fraud.

5.5 WinnRewards may end the Program (or any part of it) upon ninety (90) days prior notice to the Members. Member cannot earn or redeem points after the termination of the Program. Points remaining in the WinnRewards account of a Member will be forfeited. WinnRewards will never be liable for (possible) losses (forfeiting points) as a result of ending the Program.

6. The Program, the Website & intellectual property

6.1 The content on the Website and in the Program, including, without limitation, the text, software, scripts, graphics, photographs, sounds, videos, articles and the trademarks, service marks and logo’s contain therein are owned by or licensed by WinnRewards, subject to intellectual property rights, unless otherwise explicitly indicated by WinnRewards.

6.2 The Program, content in the Program or on the Website may not be used, copied, reproduced, distributed, transmitted, broadcasted, displayed, sold, licensed or otherwise exploited for any other purposes whatsoever without the prior written consent of the respective owners.

7. Other arrangements

7.1 Headings are included for convenience only and are not being considered in interpreting these terms of use.

7.2 If any of the provisions of these terms of use is null and/or void, the other provisions of these terms maintain their effect.

8. Applicable law and forum

8.1 The laws of the Netherlands are applicable if any disputes arise concerning the (use of the) Program.

8.2 All disputes arising from the use of the Program and/or from other agreements for the execution thereof, shall be judged by the competent authorised court having jurisdiction in the district or sub district where WinnRewards has its registered office, with the explicit exclusion of every other court.


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